Types of Squirrel Pest Control

The decision to deal with squirrels and the damage they create is looked at on different levels.

  • For some, it is an ethical decision.  Their question may be, “Should I kill little creatures who don’t mean to damage my house purposely?”
  • For some, it is a financial decision.  Their question may be, “How am I going to stop these varmints from destroying my greatest investment?”
  • For some, it is a family decision.  Their question may be, “Am I going to let squirrels rob my family of our home?”

Whatever the decision, there are appropriate ways of approaching the live_trapproblem.


There are several different types of traps that can do the job. Generally, these include live traps and traps that kill the pest. However, one must use a trap that is built to handle squirrels. For example, a rat trap is not suited to the body size and strength of a squirrel. The squirrel take the trap with them, or, they may not be killed by the trap as intended and suffer. Also, a live trap need to be rated for the animal intended to be caught.


There are professional pest and animal control services available who can deal with the situation through a variety of means. They can use any of the following methods of control and save the homeowner from what may be uncomfortable work. They can kill the squirrels or simply move them. However, note that it has been reported that some companies, when asked to not kill the the squirrels, have simply moved them a couple of blocks away. Squirrels are capable of moving distances easily and can return.


There are a number of poisons available for use on squirrels, rats, and mice. However, these rodents can be concentrated in large numbers. A kill-off of a several of these animals, or even just one carcass in the right place, can cause an odor problem. Also, one must take care to administer the poison in a safe place so that dogs, cats, and even children are not able to accidentally and perhaps tragically ingest it.


For the tender-hearted, there are several types of repellant available. These can include powder that smells like predators. However, this powder will have to be refreshed from time to time. There are also electronic means. There are companies that offer lights that will repel squirrels, rats, and mice. There are also electronic sound emitters that will repel the vermin.


There are simple steps to prevent squirrel entry into the home. These include: Trim tree branches that the roof line, remove firewood stacked against the home, and repair cracks in the foundational wall.